Raheem DeVaughn @TheJazzCafe 26 June 2018

What can I say? Raheem DeVaughn blew us away. The live performance from #theloveking was wonderful. It was soulful, it was deep, engaging, exciting and he was simply amazing.

He treated us to tracks from each of his many albums. He had support from Wes Felton (the other half of their dual act The Crossrhodes, whose awesome album Footprints on the Moon was out in 2017).

As with all the best soul artists Raheem DeVaughn had the crowd singing along and creating unique call and response soul vibez.

Be in no doubt Raheem DeVaughn is a SOUL LEGEND!!

The warm up act Xamvolo was super cool too and a perfect warm up for Raheem DeVaughn. I will definitely be looking out for new music by this up and coming UK soul artist. You can follow him @xamvolo on Twitter.

Follow @Raheem_DeVaughn on Twitter and Instagram and check out his fantastic new single “Don’t Come Easy”.

Tune In to Unique Vibez

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You can also listen on the Tune In app on your smartphone or via their website, where you will find more details of all their fantastic DJs’ shows.



J. Cole’s new album KOD is seriously deep, it’s personal, it’s intelligent and poignant. And the lyrics are pure fire. Much as you would expect from J. Cole!
The title track, standing for Kids On Drugs is on point. Its a theme about addiction that runs throughout the album and is a highly relevant topic for US audiences and beyond and is personal to J. Cole. The whole album is on point. My favourite tracks are Brackets and 1985. Even the outro Window Pain is an outstanding full length track.

You can stream the album here:

Rebellion Rises

Rebellion Rises, Ziggy’s seventh full length solo studio album was released on May 18th 2018. Encouraging people to stand together in activism through love, Ziggy has produced a fantastic album with track after track of pumping basslines, classic reggae vocals and deep lyrics.
From ‘See Dem Fake Leaders’ through to ‘Rebellion Rises’ Ziggy produces quality throughout.
My favourite track is ‘I Am a Human’. Its not for the melody, the vocals, the rhythm nor the bass. There are numerous better tracks for that, but it’s for the simple message which may be so obvious but nevertheless needs to be heard. “I am a human… I’m not a what. I’m a who.”
Links to the album on various platforms are on Ziggy’s website ziggymarley.com. Check it!

Crazy Thing Called Love

I just have to tell you about this tune by Tay Walker. Titled CTCL, standing for Crazy Thing Called Love, it was out in 2017 on You Tube and SoundCloud but unavailable on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify until now. Anyway it’s now available as part of Tay’s album One Way Street To Nowhere #OWSTN , released 25th May 2018. It’s got a fantastic 90s RnB feel to it (think something like Donell Jones / Chico DeBarge style). It starts out as a tale of a young man who sees a young lady crying. Can he help? Is it that crazy thing called love? Just take a listen!