Radio Presenter

Solar B has been part of the behindagroove family for well over six months and, within these times we have been truly impressed with his commitment, desire and passion.

Solar currently slots into the 10pm-12midnight each and every Saturday in which he presents the “Rhythm B Soul. This show is a mixture of old and new flavours of soul music fused together in a continuous mix. This particular slot an important and sought after slot in which Solar has grown into it with his diverse and wide range of musicology. It has been noted that through his knowledge of music Solar is able to capture a wide range of audiences which indicates to us that he is able to hold his own.

It is a pleasure to have Solar B on board and we believe he is a very good acquisition to have, this is demonstrated by his drive and enthusiasm and professionalism, and also representing our Ethos and what we are all about with Behindagroove radio, Music innovation by Pro DJs.