▶Davina Oriakhi interview film

Watch highlights of my interview with Soul singer and song writer Davina Oriakhi at the Sugahill Cafe in Sydenham beautifully filmed and edited by YouTube channel Future Mercatoria.

The full interview was aired during the #RhythmBeSoul show on Behind A Groove Radio on Sat 27th October 2018.

You can listen again to the full show here:

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▶Davina Oriakhi on #RhythmBeSoul 27/10/2018

#RhythmBeSoul 27/10/2018

Davina Oriakhi is a unique multi-genre artiste from London and Nigeria. Since the release of her debut album Love to a Mortal in 2017 her music has been a regular feature on the #RhythmBeSoul show. Her vocal drops singing the name of the show and more have laced every weeks show with her unique flava.
So it was a great joy to meet up with Davina at Sugahill Cafe in Sydenham for an interview. The full interview was broadcast on Sat 27th October on the #RhythmBeSoul show 10pm-12am on BehindAGroove.com

Now available to replay here and on mixcloud:

Video footage filmed and edited by Future Mercatoria is now available here https://www.djsolarb.com/davina-oriakhi-film/
You can also check out Davina’s website and stream her music below.


Rebellion Rises

Rebellion Rises, Ziggy’s seventh full length solo studio album was released on May 18th 2018. Encouraging people to stand together in activism through love, Ziggy has produced a fantastic album with track after track of pumping basslines, classic reggae vocals and deep lyrics.
From ‘See Dem Fake Leaders’ through to ‘Rebellion Rises’ Ziggy produces quality throughout.
My favourite track is ‘I Am a Human’. Its not for the melody, the vocals, the rhythm nor the bass. There are numerous better tracks for that, but it’s for the simple message which may be so obvious but nevertheless needs to be heard. “I am a human… I’m not a what. I’m a who.”
Links to the album on various platforms are on Ziggy’s website ziggymarley.com. Check it!